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Is The Automatic Curling Iron Easy to Use? How To Use it Correctly?

Dec. 01, 2020

The Automatic Iron Hair Stick is more convenient and simple, it takes a short time when doing styling, and can be shaped quickly. With many advantages, the automatic intelligent curling iron is deeply loved by everyone. When using an automatic curling iron, first divide your hair into sections, pick out a piece of hair and clamp it to the part you want to curl with the curling rod, and then use the rotating handle to curl this piece of hair onto the curling rod. After a while Well, just heat the curls one by one one by one. More importantly, the auto hair curler are with PI heating and 3D anti-scald, which is safe and burning-avoids

Is The Automatic Curling Iron Easy to Use? How To Use it Correctly?

How to use automatic curling iron

The first step: first apply a special curling styling agent to the hair, because the curling iron will generate high temperature, so it is important to finish it quickly.

Step 2: Before curling the hair, follow the method of straightening hair and slide the whole hair 2-3 times with a metal plate or curling iron to prevent the hair from becoming too curly

Step 3: Perform curling. Perform curling according to your favorite curling degree. When curling, let your hair stay on the curling iron for two to three seconds.

Step 4: After the perm, do not use to comb the curls immediately, wait for the heat to dissipate, and then comb the hair, so that the curls can be maintained.

Step 5: Finally, some styling products can be used to maintain the curl for a long time.

Is The Automatic Curling Iron Easy to Use? How To Use it Correctly?

Precautions for using curling iron

1. It is not advisable to directly use a Curling Iron to curl hair that is too wet. Because too much water enters the curling iron, the inside is easily damaged.

2. Use different temperatures for curling according to different parts and hairstyles. Don't rush to achieve results. Use high temperatures, which will not only burn your hair, but also cause aging and damage to the heating element.

Is The Automatic Curling Iron Easy to Use? How To Use it Correctly?

Curler hairstyle reference

1. The big wave

Large waves can extend the face shape outwards. For women with thick hair, it is best not to curl the top of the head and the ends of the hair. If the front hair is short, it will only be rolled about halfway to form natural waves. After a period of time, after the waves are rolled up, loosen the curls, comb them with a large comb or fingers, and then use hairspray to shape them.

2. Wheat ear hot

The characteristic of this hairstyle is that it can best show the thickness of the hair. First, make sure to start curling from the inside and roots of the hair after the head spins. The key is not to curl a lot of hair at once.

Is The Automatic Curling Iron Easy to Use? How To Use it Correctly?

3. Drooping natural rolls

Use a 504 Hair Curler to make natural curls. Only when the hair is completely dry, the curling can be done and the damage to the hair is small. Starting at a distance of 10cm from the root of the hair, curl outwards. Only when the hair is sparse and spread out in all directions, can natural and fresh curls be formed.

4. Cute rolls hanging down to the shoulders

The cute curls hanging down to the shoulders are suitable for long hair with hanging shoulders. Use an electric curling iron to make all the hair into big flowers, roll the big curl in the middle, and then fix the front hair with a hairpin.


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