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How to Use Curling Iron and Attention

Oct. 28, 2020

1. Hair care.

If you use a 504 Curling Iron after washing your hair, first apply the repairing essence to evenly spread the hair strands. The amount can only be small but not too much to supplement the nutrition of the hair strands. Then use a rinse-free conditioner, and apply a small amount to the ends of the hair evenly. It can prevent heat damage and make hair soft and not frizzy, and increase hair shine.

2. Hair zone.

Many people don't know how to curl the back hair, and dividing the hair into sections can help curl the back hair. First face the mirror, use a comb to straighten the hair and divide it into two parts. The front part is to tie or clamp the hair before the left and right ears. The second part of the hair is divided into two layers, and then divided into two parts. Second, it is divided into six regions. People with more hair or more layers can divide them into more layers.

3. Curly hair.

Allow the curling iron to warm up for 1 minute, separate a strand of hair with one hand, and pull the handle of the curling iron with the other hand to clamp the end of the hair. Roll the hair up, and leave it still after curling, and wait for the hair to heat up for about 15 seconds. The specific time can be controlled by yourself, because everyone's hair quality is different.

The key to this step is to divide the six areas, start curling from the bottom layer, grab the hair tress and use your middle finger and index finger to flatten the hair tress, move the clip of the Automatic Iron Hair Curleroutwards, and then pull the hair tress from the end of the hair. Clamp it, pay attention to the end of the hair, the end of the hair cannot be exposed from the electric roller, if the end of the hair is not completely rolled in, the shape will be very unnatural and will be warped. The clip outwards will start to curl the hair clockwise. When it reaches the bottom of the hair, stop for about 20 seconds. If you want a longer or longer curl, you can stop for a longer time. When half of the curl is reached, the hair strands are scattered from the electric roller. Roll, and then from bottom to top, one area to complete. After the second half of the hair is rolled up, the hair on the left and right sides of the first half uses the electric roller in the same way, but holding the electric roller upright, you can curl up the light and elegant feeling of a star.

504 Curling Iron

504 Curling Iron

4. Arrange your hair.

In the process of curling, you can put down the electric curling bar when finishing the hair bundles, the effect is better, here you must be very careful, otherwise the shape will be damaged. After being rolled, the left and right sides are sometimes unbalanced, it doesn't matter, but it is weird if it is too symmetrical, and naturally looks better. If the curl in some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair in other areas is rolled and put down, a small part of the hair is not curled or the curl is not obvious, so you don't need to care about it in the process. If you care, you can also rewind it.

5. Modeling.

After all the curls are finished, put your hand into the hair and fiddle with it a little to show a natural fluffy feeling. Use brightening liquid to make hair less frizzy and increase shine, or use wax to strengthen the flu. If you want to last a little longer, you can spray the styling and mist, but the overall shape will be a little stiffer.

6. Bangs.

According to personal needs, use a Hair Straightener to slightly curl or straighten your bangs.

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