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Six Taboos of Using Curling Irons

Oct. 28, 2020

The hair curlers that women use daily can cause deep damage to the hair, causing the hair to dry, split ends, and break easily, and it is difficult to recover for a long time. Experts especially reminded to choose a new ceramic coating curling iron, although compared with traditional curling iron, this kind of curling iron has outstanding hair care function, but the damage to the hair will not be reduced at all. The following six taboos should be memorized!

(1) Use curling irons when your hair is wet

If you use a Curling Iron when your hair is damp, there is no way to make it well. Not only that, some of the necessary moisture needed by the hair will fly away together, so it is better to use a curling iron after drying your hair.

(2) No plasticizer added

The shaping agent used when curling hair can protect the hair from high temperature damage, and can make the curl lasting.

(3) The curling iron is overheated

If the Automatic Iron Hair Curler without temperature adjustment function is overheated, the temperature may be as high as 160~180 degrees. This temperature is the same as deep-fried sweet and not spicy, very high temperature. If you choose a curling iron that can adjust the temperature, try to adjust it to around 145 degrees. If you can't do it, be careful not to get too high!

508 Curling Iron

508 Curling Iron

(4) Keep the curling iron in contact with the hair for a long time

Contact with hot things for too long can cause immediate damage. It is usually best to remove the  508 Curling Iron for a while every 3 to 5 seconds.

(5) Make curls to the ends

The tail part of the hair is also easy to get injured, so start curling from the middle of the hair to curl out a truly natural curve!

(6) Do nothing except dry hair before going to bed

After washing and drying your hair, don't forget to apply hair oil or some maintenance agent that does not need to be rinsed. It is also a way to reduce damage to give the hair a complete nutritional supplement during sleep!

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