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Wrong Use of Face Wash

Nov. 10, 2020

The face wash is simply a little fresh meat in the skin care industry! It can wash out the dirt in the pores, this function has captured the hearts of countless girls! However, there are many misunderstandings in the facial cleansing instrument that may ruin our little tender face. Today, the Face Cleanser Brush Supplier will give you an inventory of 6 major mistakes in the cleansing instrument!

Misunderstanding 1: The higher the vibration frequency, the better?

Question: The vibration frequency of the major face washers is different and there are many differences. They are all face washers. Why can the vibration frequency be so different! Is it possible that the higher the vibration frequency of the face wash, the better?

Answer: Of course not. How can a delicate face only consider cleansing power! There are also the thickness of the bristles, the material of the brush head, the abrasive torsion force and pulling force on the skin are all very important!

Misunderstanding 2: The cleansing brush should be used with exfoliating products?

The 878 Face Facial Cleansing Brush has the effect of exfoliating, so don't use it with the exfoliating single product! Double exfoliation may irritate the skin due to excessive cleansing!

The facial cleanser has limited exfoliation function, so you still need to use the exfoliating product alone every week to clean the skin

878 Face Facial Cleansing Brush

878 Face Facial Cleansing Brush

Misunderstanding 3: You don't need a face wash for acne?

When used for the first time, transient acne may appear. The skin irritation of the washing machine may cause bacteria to float to the skin surface. At this time, you should not stop using the face wash immediately and change the frequency of use to once a day. If you stick to it for 2 weeks, it will get better

When transient acne appears, it is best to use anti-acne and anti-inflammatory facial cleanser

Misunderstanding 4: The facial cleanser does not need to squeeze too much cleanser?

It is absolutely impossible to use the Facial Cleanser Brush for the first time if you don't use enough facial cleanser! Suggest about the size of a dollar coin?

Affectionate skin will feel a little uncomfortable when it comes into contact with the facial cleanser for the first time. The facial cleanser can not only cleanse, but also has a rich foam and lubricating effect~ Let the skin enjoy the first time~

Misunderstanding 5: Wash the face clean with water?

After every use of the cleansing device, remember, every time! Always use facial cleanser to clean the brush head to avoid facial dirt and grease residue and shorten the service life. The cleaned brush head must be ventilated and dried!

For detachable face washers, the brush head should be removed every month, and the area under the brush head should be carefully cleaned with alcohol cotton, where it is easy to trap dirt and breed bacteria!

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